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April 5, 2022

Update on the 100 Word Writing Challenge

Update on the 100 Word Writing Challenge

How goes it? So I've been engaged in my own personal 100 word writing challenge, with the goal of 365 separate and unique entries, and recently discovered that there has been an online group devoted to daily 100 word writing challenges since 2001! 


Apparently it's one of the oldest writing forums/groups on the internet, and is still being updated by users in 2022 (who knew?!). So, I've decided to join this outlet in order to better collect my previous 100 micro-stories from 2019, as well as my current writings which are nearing 150 different tales. With the ultimate goal of 365 total stories, consisting of 100 words each, by early 2023!


Anyway, the site is aptly entitled: 100WORDS.COM and works in a very unique way. First off, it counts the words for you and you're not allowed to post anything under, or over, 100 words. It's a great tool for double checking my works, and gaining a fresh set of eyes (and editing) of things I haven't looked at in a couple of years now.


Secondly, in order to encourage the daily challenge aspect of the site, it only publishes your stories in "batches", which consist of complete months. So one month is a "batch", and your stories actually only become visible on the website after you complete 1 full "batch". Users have to wait for their words to become visible, after finishing a batch.


Thus, I started on April 1st of 2022, so my writings won't become visible or available to viewers until I complete the entire batch of April. Every day of each month creates a complete batch, and then becomes fully published on the website. Make sense?


So, I am going back to 2019 and republishing my first 100 stories from 2019 as April -June of 2022, which will become 3 complete batches of flash fiction. And then I will continue to update 100 WORDS until I have completed all 365 tales, hopefully in April of 2023, and will have 12 full batches.


YES, I KNOW I'M CHEATING according to the rules of the 100 WORDS website, because they want you to post your stories as you write them, daily. But I'm not going to let my first 100 stories "go to waste", and it will better help me keep track of the chronological order in which they were originally written. And the website is a great way to read other people's stories, going back 20 years, and perhaps find a little inspiration.


TO GET TO THE POINT, I've joined the 100WORDS.COM writing group and will be posting my first 100 micro-fiction stories there over the next 3 months, before I "catch up with myself" and we finish out this 365 writing challenge together in early 2023! My first entries will be available in May of 2022, after I complete the first batch, and then new batches will be available every month until April of 2023 when we (hopefully) complete this challenge.


Thanks again to everyone who has left feedback, comments, likes, and support for this! I'll try to keep things at least somewhat entertaining over the next 9 - 12 months, and am very interested and excited to see where these stories might go as the challenge progresses.