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Oct. 11, 2021

Getting Real

Ok, can ya dig it? I'm gonna get real here. Really, really real. For too long, my energies have been directed in a dozen different places. From various websites to blogs to social media pages, etc. While trying to stay creatively productive, and also working a full time job, my thoughts and ideas have been a little too scattered over the past year or two (at least). It's time to finally unify the vision and configure some semblance of focus and order!


That being said, the MENTAL POP podcast will be released weekly (at least bi-weekly) for the foreseeable future and will stay around 1 hour each episode. Likewise, the new MENTAL POP zine is finally scheduled for release in very early months of 2022 and will provide a further outlet for expression! The MENTAL POP Facebook and Instagram pages will also be utilized to initiate more outreach to those open-minded folks out there who might give half a fuck about my thoughts/opinions/research, music, and art.


I'm sure I'll be exploring and promoting these possibilities in depth with this blog over the coming weeks and months so I'll try not to be too obnoxious about it (haha). I can't attempt to, nor could I, force anyone to engage in all of these creative endeavors, but I hope to at least inform, entertain, and educate myself if no one else. If 50 or 100 people end up finding these efforts worthwhile, I've done my part. We can't all be TikTok celebrities or make a living from playing video games on Youtube. Making $$$ is not the goal here, though it would be nice to at least pay for itself and not perpetually be an "out of pocket" endeavor. For now, I am content in sharing my fire freely, and interacting with the flame of others.


Enough from me for now (being less verbose is also a goal). Welcome to the new website, the new podcast and soonly, the new zine. Please dig into an episode, check out the original art page at and feel free to say hello. Offer feedback or constructive criticism, suggest a guest, submit an article or your own art/music for consideration in this ever-evolving-harmonic-cosmic-maelstrom.