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Nov. 9, 2021

My Experience w/ Covid19

My Experience w/ Covid19

In February of 2020, a month before the notorious lockdowns and mask mandates were initiated in the US, I began a new job and found myself an "essential" full time employee. I was even given a tee shirt exclaiming the essentialness of my efforts and now have it framed and mounted proudly above the imaginary fireplace of my deepest thoughts. I invite guests over to look at it, but please take off your shoes, because I don’t allow dirty feet in the hallways of my mind.


For several months we were given "hero pay" and bonuses, and told how "brave" we were for continuing to go to work every day and provide essential services, despite the unimaginable/deathly terror that was creeping like pestilence not only across America, but lurking like a dreaded fiend upon the entire planet. Trump was in full Trump mode while race riots ravaged the country and threatened our neighborhoods, tweeting that they would burn it all to the ground. Ah, the fond memories will last a lifetime.


My workplace consists of three-hundred + employees at any given time, in a densely populated area of a state capital, near a downtown area once in the "red zone". We were soon initiated into the “Eyes Wide Shut” rituals of enforced mask mandates and daily temperature checks where we all lined up like children and allowed a manager to shoot us in the head with a laser gun before we could begin work. Everyone wanted to play musical chairs or duck-duck-goose, but instead they made us play “pin the tail on the infected” and “wash your hands or die!”.


The crude and barbaric temp guns were later replaced by a fancy and expensive high tech camera system that takes your heat signature when you walk in the door (and only works half the time). We were also handed papers which gave us "permission" to drive to and from work, in case we were stopped by the police. How dare you be out after curfew for any reason besides work! Want to walk the dog after 8pm? Better be ready for a night stick sandwich and to spend the night in jail, sicko!


Some of the older co-workers started fearing the younger co-workers, and the contact tracing upon contact tracing upon contact tracing began in full swing, amidst handfuls of people walking out on the job in fear for their safety. If one person got Covid, five would be placed on leave and under quarantine (with pay). I'm sure some people played a drinking game with who would be out on leave that week. The biggest sluts were out multiple times in the first months of lockdown due to their unabashed promiscuity in, and out of, the workplace. 


Quite a few people abused this and somehow either got Covid or was contact traced on paid leave every month or two when they needed a little vacation, while others openly wished they would get Covid just so they could have a week off from the hellish hours of debt slavery. Some people were out multiple times, either by testing positive or contact tracing, all with PTO. I must admit, I'm a bit jealous (of their anti-bodies).


Then the excruciating weekly emails began, and still continue, telling us the daily positive and negative cases for the week. I'm pretty sure that in 20+ months there have been maybe 75 total positive cases, and hundreds and hundreds of negative cases, with some of them being the same people getting tested multiple times. We have a revolving door at my job, as do many employers, so new people are coming and going all the time, bringing who knows what dreaded diseases into the facility, infecting us with their unclean, Trump loving spoors. 


And while there have been a few cases of notable illness, only a couple of positive cases were hospitalized and we've had no deaths. The majority, upon their own reports, only had a mild fever or headache or didn't have any symptoms at all. There are co-workers who report that they know someone who has died of Covid, but there is also a co-worker who stated his father died within days of getting the vaccine, being rushed to the hospital with chest pains. Other coworkers, who actually got sick from Covid, have stated that “the vaccine was worse than having the flu” and nearly put them in the hospital.


It's hard to make heads or tails of those who have died FROM Covid, and those who have died WITH Covid and already had multiple other ailments. I am one to personally be of the belief that Covid deaths have been monumentally padded in order to sell political and pharmaceutical agendas (if you haven't yet researched "The Great Reset", or EVENT 201 I highly recommend you become acquainted). Believe what you want, this post isn't to sell "conspiracy theories", but just to give my own impression of events over the past 2 years, as a person who actually showed up to a job daily and didn't get the luxury of working from home or $600 a week in unemployment. Not that I’m being derogatory towards those people. Lucky you.


In my little workplace microcosm of three-hundred + people, we were never "ravaged" by Covid, at least in terms of severe illness or any deaths. In fact, the only death we did have on the site was a long time employee who was forced to work a 15 hour day and died of a heart attack on the floor. And while it was a traumatic experience, production didn't stop and everyone was told to basically "get back to work" after watching a man die in front of their eyes, of causes completely unrelated to Covid.


So, no. My workplace has had no drastic infestation of Covid over the past 20 months. And kudos to management and staff for handling it the best they could, but it should be stated that the impression that I get is that the majority of the workers there think it  has been a lot of over reaction, fear mongering, Trump hate, or that Covid is nothing but bullshit entirely. They have all continued work, in a major metropolitan area with a large work force, with no drastic reports of death or dismemberment. 


Our employer, a huge corporate entity which employs a million people and has also reported no major cases of Covid hospitalizations or deaths, keeps encouraging us to "do the right thing" and get vaccinated. And now, here we are, with the upcoming requirement that we be vaccinated, or get tested weekly, in order to keep our jobs (thanks Biden!). And let me state that I personally never got sick, never made anyone else sick, never had to quarantine, only had to get tested once due to contact tracing, and it was a negative. Yet, here I am, now faced with the dilemma of weekly testing or vaccination, or I am no longer employable, despite working through the entirety of the pandemic with no health concerns. And say, if Delta is so, so, so much worse than regular Covid, why did our bonus pay and incentives stop at the end of LAST year?!? If Delta was 10 times worse, I demand 10 times the incentives to work!


I've been a decent worker who has pulled their weight, showed up, and did my job with a mostly positive attitude. Myself, and millions of others out there, went from "essential heroes" to unemployable scoundrels undeserving of unemployment benefits. A "dishonorable discharge". I find myself forced to look for a new position, not only because of Covid regulations, but because of a certain "soulnessness" and greed within the corporate work place in general where production and financial gain makes us all faceless cogs in the machinery of conformity and sales charts.


While millions and millions of Americans sat at home for six months doing nothing and making $600 a week (which is a bit more than I made by actually working), and while millions more simply choose not to work at this time, I am now forced into a situation of choosing either my paycheck, or my principles. And the quandary that many millions are now facing with the question of: "Do I even want this particular job?". Is it feeding your soul, and does it actually care about you as a person and not just a quota and spot to fill?


We get so tied up in bills and obligations, and bills, and debt, and bills (did I mention bills?) that we find ourselves "stuck" in a particular life path that might not be the best one for us. We get so caught up in “stature” and how we are supposedly viewed by society by our jobs and our lifestyles. A lot of folks are waking up to this thought on a daily basis, which is why some reports have stated that up to 50% of working Americans will be, and are, finding new jobs heading into 2022. And these unnecessary vaccine mandates are only exacerbating the issue.


There is obviously a reason we are facing a supply chain crisis, a lack of truck drivers, people who don't want to go submit to a regular 9-5 job for $11 bucks an hour, and who are totally fed up with the standards of the "New Normal" world of Covid hype and requirements. There's a reason people don't want to be stuck at a job where there's nowhere for them to go but filling a spot, making a quota, and keeping production moving along.


I pay attention to all the Covid reports, many of them conflicting, where we are told only to listen to the CDC who has a long history of conflict of interests with Big Pharma, ethics violations, and questions regarding their integrity. I am definitely not uninformed on all the various stats and figures and “facts” regarding Covid 19 over the past two years. Yet, I also have the unique perspective of actually working through it all and seeing first hand by a large group of “test subjects”, how inconsequential an actual impact Covid had in reality as opposed to the endless media hype.

And again, if we did an audit and separated those who died FROM Covid as opposed to WITH Covid, I’m sure the death rates would probably drop in half. They needed to pad the figures in order to sell vaccines, of which they were already talking about back in February of 2020. They (The Powers That Be) needed lockdowns, they needed civil unrest, they needed left/right division, and now vaxxed VS unvaxxed division. They needed confusion and misdirection in order to pull their sleight of hand magic tricks which have landed record breaking profits for not only giant pharmaceutical corporations, but also for the wealthiest billionaires on the planet.


America’s wealthiest became $3.5 trillion dollars richer during the pandemic, while hundreds of thousands of small businesses disappeared during lockdown. Pfizer has already made nearly as much profit from the Covid vaccine alone, as they did with the entirety of their sales in 2020. And let’s not forget, all of this during a Presidential election year involving, perhaps, the most controversial President in US history.

Anyway, not to get off topic and write a novel here, but my real life experience with Covid 19, which involves a ridiculous amount of research and paying attention, tells me that none of this adds up and people SHOULD be highly suspicious, questioning the official narrative, fighting for their own medical freedom and privacy, and pondering their job situations. And let’s not even get started that they want to sell 100’s of millions of more vaccines across the globe, to target the population of children 5 – 18 years old. Beware! Soon they will be recommending Covid vaccines for your dogs and cats. You think I’m joking, but several zoos across the US, including the one in my home state, have fully vaccinated all of the animals at their locations for Covid.

I have sympathy for those who have lost a loved one to Covid, or were told they lost a loved one to Covid, or who have had a fight with Covid themselves. I am not an anti-vaxxer or saying Covid is a complete hoax, but even if I 100% trusted the numbers and stats and figures, (which equates to about a 15% “confirmed” infection rate in the US, with a 99% survival rate) it still does NOT condone implementing vaccines on not only the entirety of the adult population so they can have a job, but hundreds of millions of children who are the absolute least vulnerable from having any complications from Covid. Did all the penguins at the zoo need vaccinated against Covid? Probably not, but they did it anyway, because they could get away with it.

In close, anyone who is being honest with themselves, has considered research and information from various sources (not just the CDC and politicians), and have taken a long hard look at the reality of their actual lives over the past two years, should be questioning the narrative and the true intentions of these mandates and restrictions and mass media manipulation of the subject. That doesn’t mean you are a Republican or Trump supporter just because you can see through the bullshit, or at least have a lot of questions and concerns about the way things are going. It means you are an intelligent human being who can see beyond the fake left/right debate, the Trump worship, and the “Great Reset”. Or as some would call it, questioning the “New World Order” which is taking place before our very eyes, no longer a "conspiracy".