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Nov. 2, 2021

The Blackest of All Fridays

The Blackest of All Fridays

Well, it's November. Somehow Halloween managed to escape us again this year, like so many falling leaves. And you know what that means?! Yes, that's right! Unbridled capitalism will be urging you to spend big for Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's Plans. So I asked myself: "Why can't I be a disgusting Capitalists' Pig as well?!" It turns out, I can! Finally, all my dreams have come true.


If you want to not only support this podcast and my art, but also give someone (or yourself) a cool "small business" Christmas present this year, why not consider a purchase of one of my 300+ pieces of original artwork currently on display at: ?


Prices are negotiable, deals can be made, and please keep in mind prices also include shipping in the US. Prices range from $7 dollars to $150, and new items will be added ASAP (stickers, shirts, pillows, jewelry, etc). And if you live in the greater Indianapolis area, I'd be happy to meet you somewhere so we can bypass the shipping expenses. Every order will get some freebies, as well as be on the pre-order list for the new MENTAL POP zine to be released early 2022! Wowee!


Likewise, I ALSO TAKE COMMISSIONS depending on the project or deadline. If you'd like me to create something special, please feel free to reach out and say hello. Or if you have any questions whatsoever (including $ offers), there are various ways to contact me, including my email: .


I hope ya find something can't live without, and all I can do is promise that every purchase serves a positive purpose (say that 5X's fast!).